Covid-19 Update

Out of an abundance of caution and care, your leadership team (staff and deacons) have decided to cancel all services, meetings, and events for now. This includes Sunday School, Worship Gathering, Choir Rehearsal, and Sunday evening discipleship. 

Please know this is a difficult decision, and one in which we took careful thought and prayer.  Although we will greatly miss seeing your face this Sunday morning, you do not have to miss worshipping together. Your staff will have a worship service that will include worship music, prayer, and the preaching of the Word tomorrow at 10:45 am. You can still be a part of this service, at least digitally. As we do each week, we will live broadcast our service on our Facebook and YouTube pages .  You can click below to follow our live services. You can also give your tithes and offerings through mailing a check, having your bank mail a check, drop it off at the church, or use our new "online giving" by clicking the give button above. 

Thank you for your understanding.  Remember, we are not fearful of this virus. We trust God is in control. We do want to use our best, God-given judgment in this decision. Please know I am praying for you and feel free to contact us with any questions.  I love you all

Pastor Brandon



(423) 332-2814

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